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How to travel with paper map

The paper map doesn’t need a network or GPS system. It has various landmarks and particularly the distance is marked in the map, which will guide us to the destination correctly. Sometimes the mobile apps may give wrong information due to the mobile network loss. The mobile applications need battery life to work

“A paper map still the most ideal approach to get the comprehensive view for any trek, something which advanced innovation is yet to completely recreate,” says Sania Boegheim, who has arranged incalculable outings in his 25 years as a major aspect of Arabian maps.”

A collapsed guide disentangles trip arranging with its phenomenal extension, making it the perfect beginning stage for arranging anything from a one-vehicle weekender or a caravan Cape trip. Throughout the years as an expert adventurer, Rob has needed to fastidiously design trips in various districts and with various time ranges, sharpening his procedure over that time. However, notwithstanding the accessibility of both Hema Navigators and portable applications, his technique starts with the unfurling of a guide.

“Every trip I do, I start with a paper map because it shows me how things are supposed to work over the course of the trip. That’s the basis of everything that follows.”

Indeed, a paper map’s visual real estate informs travellers what way to take, distances and overall expectations for an adventure, so involving one in these decisions will give you a broader perspective to work with when planning of the trip.


A paper map’s size and physicality work twofold when it comes to dealing with sudden and unaccounted issues/emergencies.

“There’s always been multiple ways of navigation, spatially and directionally. Looking at something that captures a region like a paper map before a trip and at the start of each day means that when I’m on the road I always have an imprint in my mind of what is next.” Sania says, who trusts the overview of a paper map to plan alternative travel options in the event of time delays, mechanical issues or otherwise.

That particular progression, from planning at home to discovering somewhere in the bush, then instantly transforms your basic paper map from planning tool into cheap insurance. Though the likelihood of technological failure is rare in most cases, a paper map is always an essential backup that will pay dividends when called upon on the track.

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